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Kevin McGrath

"The name Quadmark reflects the two dimensions of what we do. We develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in business, and aim to be at the centre of learning - sometimes represented by the quad on a university campus. Quadmark also wants what we do to make an impact - represented by the mark"

Kevin McGrath, CEO, Founder

Our principles

business outcome
Start with the end in mind. What is the business outcome?
whats for users
It’s all about the user. What’s in it for them?
simple short
Keep it simple. Keep it short.
blend it
Blend it: Use On the Job, formal training and coaching.
engage gamify
Engage & gamify. Learning should be fun.
Mobility. Make it available on-the-go. Don't interrupt.
just in time
Just in time. Deliver content at the right time.
regular cadence
Regular cadence. Remember people do forget.
measure change
Measure change in performance and business outcomes.